Moroccan Bath

In traditional Moroccan culture the ritual bathing experience involves deeply cleansing the body using steam and exfoliating techniques. The Hareem Spa Moroccan bath involves water treatment hydrotherapy, steam detoxification, massage and a selection of luxury authentic body masks and full body treatments. The Arabic Henna Lotion is massaged into the skin after cleansing with the black Moroccan soap. This relaxing, penetrating bathing ritual exfoliates the skin and leaves it feeling silky soft and smooth.

Our Moroccan Bath experience includes the following body treatments:


Soften and exfoliate the skin by removing dry and dead cells and at the same time improving your blood circulation.

Body Wrap

Detoxify your body with our body wrap and help loose some inches of your waist.


Stimulates blood circulation and detoxify your body leaving you feeling relaxed while opening your skin appetite to moisturizers.

Four Masks

Rejuvenate the skin with a full body whitening and nourishing mask that promotes natural radiance and glow.

Aromatic Massage (30 minutes)

Spend 30 minutes in aromatic heaven as your body enjoys a luxurious aromatherapy massage. The beneficial properties of top quality aromatherapy oils will ease your muscles, soothe your senses and lift your mood.


Enjoy water treatment hydrotherapy as you relax amidst the refreshing bubbles. The whirlpool treatment is ideal for relieving stiffness, tension and pain in the muscles.


Release impurities and toxins from the skin with natural steam.

* Available for your comfort, discretion and privacy, our private single rooms are equipped with everything that you need to enjoy a luxurious bathing experience.
* A selection of complementary hot and cold drinks is served throughout your Spa experience.

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